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Legend Race Car
Auburndale Speed

legends car  racing

Below video of Cody quailifing for his first Florida Legend Cars Touring series race. He quailified alright for his first time, only his second race. During the feature he broke a trailing arm bolt on the left side on the first lap which put him out of the race. He had help but thats another story and why I'm against running all these Legend class's together.

The feature turned out to be a big wreck fest so it's just as well maybe. With the economy as it is I'm not sure what INDEX is thinking but wrecking a bunch of cars running all four class's together is not going to help Legends car racing grow in this economy.

I was pretty dissappointed in the amount of track time we got during the first Touring series race. One practice with the second practice session being short and run under the caution flag mostly. Quailifing and the feature is it, not sure the Touring Series is worth doing for so little track time and running all the class's togther is crazy in my book.

When we first looked into racing Legends there was a Charger class here in Florida for those new to racing Legends cars they have done away with the class and it's ashame. The class was a deciding factor for us wanting to race Legend cars so to not have it now we own a car is very dissappointing. It would have given Cody time to learn without worring about having to race people with much more experiance. At least it would have given him time to become comfortable in the car.

legend car racing

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2/26/09 ---Pictured above Cody in his new Legend car first time on the track at Auburndale Speedway, Fl.

Auburndale Speedway is a 1/4 mile paved oval with a figure 8, and a 1/5 mile paved oval for karts (sometimes refered to as Auburndale Kartway), located on the Polk County Fairgrounds near Winter Haven, Florida.

Below Youtube video #1 Cody practicing for the first time with a bunch of other Legend cars at Auburndale Speedway, Fl. It was Cody's first experiance being on track with a bunch of other Legend cars and he did very well. He got in a lot of laps, passed a few cars and brought the car in clean.

This weekend was my first official practice in my new car with other cars. The start of practice kicked of well we really didn't have any major problems with the car and I actually pulled off some pretty descent lap times with the wrong gear in the car. We adjusted on it a little bit and made it a little better in the center. All and all this practice was a very good learning experience for me and I learned alot.

Above Auburndale Feature race 2/28/09 part #1 Cody's first feature race in a Legends car.

Feature race Auburndale Speedway 2/28/09 part 2 Cody's first feature race in a Legends car.

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